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Community Activity Bot for Telergram

One CABot
for all the tasks

Moderates chat, helps with airdrops, contests and collaborations. Use our leveling system to identify and reward the most active members of your community: stimulate them with cryptocurrencies and issue whitelist (WL), give rewards. CABot allows you to set up a referral system. Many more features will be available for your community with CABot.


You do not install our bot, you create your own, controlled by the CABot system! You can give it any name you want, set any of your avatars.

Customize button's descriptions, rank's names, set your own rules for obtaining the white list. Use a referral system, or disable it.

For the project's administrator, all these features are located in a convenient personal account of the project, where they can create contests, add partner projects to them and organize Airdrops together.

Set discounts for different categories of your subscribers! This is just a part of what you can customize in CABot.


For messages in the chat, users receive experience. For experience - levels, and with a higher lvl ranks.

Engagement is created while the user is chatting to level up, making new friends and acquaintances, returning to chat with them, this helps to keep the community more cohesive.
Also, the reward system gives rewards at our expense, for each message, level and rank.

The system of levels and ranks is very flexible and can be easily customized by you in your personal account to suit the needs of your community.

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Whitelist (WL)

Whitelist (WL) is a special status of a user of your community. Being whitelisted means that you are on a special terms. The whitelist system provides a number of benefits, including the active participation of your users in the grow of the community and their more active involvement.

To get WL, the user must be active (get a level) and invite friends (usually 2 friends). As the project grows, the requirements may increase.

It turns out that WL is the fillment of the community with new users. Being whitelised means that the user has contributed to the development of the community.

Set discounts for WL, do exclusive raffles for them. Create a sensation that being whitelisted is a unique priveledje. The rest of the members will pick up and will work too to obtain this status.

and Reward System

Meme coins of other blockchains Ethereum, Solana and etc have already grown hundreds of times. Millions of people have bought them all over the world. Elon Musk promotes Dogecoin. There are more and more people joining the crypto industry. We are at the very beginning. Now Ton has its own doggy coin.

Raffles & Giveaways

CABot can hold varieties of giveaways, the purpose of which is to grow the community, increase activity in chats and increase engagement.

We have different raffles scenarios for different tasks. They are constantly supplemented and developed, so they will not let your users get bored.

Also, by selling tickets to contests and lotteries, you can attract additional funding and supply the project budget. Instead of givingaway prizes with CABot it's possible rise some money on them and give a chance to the members to win something valueble.

The mechanism of our competitions is completely transparent. Users see it, appreciate it, and this increases the trustability of your project.


Create pre-sales for several NFT collections and tiers, put an image for each tier, make discounts for buying several NFTs.

Set different prices for different tiers of NFTs, as well as for different categories of users such Whitelist or Premium.

Manage the NFT pre-sale in your personal account, set sales limits for one hands, or within time limits or sell without them!

Convenient functionality for ordering several NFTs at once, automated payment process, protection from bots!

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CABot is easily configured and managed through a personal account in our system. However, if you encounter any difficulties, you can always contact our support, which will help you solve any problem.

Also, project owners get access to the closed CABot group (only for channel owners) for new projects, and then they are transferred to the main CABot group.

Channel owners can together organize giveaways, purchase advertising and agree on collabs.

It is much easier to make your project successful with less advertising costs in the community!

On what stage is your project?

Just started?
CABot will help you get your first subscribers. Everyone who connects to our system gets access to a closed group for owners of new projects. There you will meet like-minded people, and you can also look for your first collabs.
Little audience?
With the help of different draws and contests, as well as a level system! CABot helps create chat activity. Some contests are designed specifically for these tasks, such as: replenishment of the chat with new users, involvement in the process of obtaining levels, obtaining whitelists, contests for those who have already received a whitelist.

There are also joint contests that help the channels connected to the CABot system to exchange audiences, as well as attract new ones.
Already a big project?
Good news for you too! The mechanics that CABot offers work even better when the audience is large. For example, when receiving a whitelist, the user brings friends. And when there are many other people at the same time seeking WL, you can increase the requirements without the risk of losing interest, which means your community will replenish even faster.

There are also draws that bring people from the project channel to the chat, they will replenish your chat and create activity at the right time before important events.
First presale?
With the CABot system, you can create a presale for several collections, for three (and more) NFT tiers! You can also create a Loot Box, which will give you the opportunity to sell a random NFT from three (or more) shooting ranges!
Raise awareness?
By connecting your coin or distributing an already known currency, you will get access to the entire combined audience of users of all CABots, the coin will start accruing in all chats with a coefficient of 10%, and in yours with 100%. Therefore, in order to collect it, they will have to come to chat in your chat.